E+K.7.19.14 DSC_1355

E+K.7.19.14 DSC_1281

E+K.7.19.14 DSC_1151

E+K.7.19.14 DSC_1223

D+T decor DSC_0623

D+T decor DSC_0378

D+T decor DSC_0385


center pieces rustic decor DandT

name cards on the wall D+T


rings on wood with pink or red stone

There are many amazing places in downtown Seattle to be used as venues, but not all of them have such an amazing view of the water like the Inn at the Market does

bridal bedroom was decorated with different types of flowers with spontaneous and natural designs




A+J mini frames wedding DSC_7920

cups A+JDSC_8784


rustic wedding decor with teal and peach DSC_7848

peach flower decor ideas DSC_8853

rustic wedding arch for outdoors DSC_1233

flower with rings DSC_8786

A+J wedding rings on wood DSC_8795

Woodsy decor at Wallace falls lodge DSC_7942



Bridal gownDSC_7856

wedding shoes vintage photo_DSC6643

wedding gown with sun glare photo ideas_by_Jane_Speleers_PhotographyDSC6606 copy

wedding decor vintage ideas_DSC6702

wedding cake clever_DSC6695

laura_and_rick_wedding_album_Auburn by Jane Speleers photography DSC_0260


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