{ D+T }

{ D+T } A unique and intimate wedding at the Inn at the Market and Beecher’s at the Post Alley in downtown Seattle.

This is the image you see when you are about to enter the hotel, the Inn at the Market is really a beautiful hotel and a very nice option for brides that want to have a moder and sober venue for photos of the before

For lodging or for wedding venue the Inn at the market makes an amazing location for the most moder and contemporary photos
Planters at the Inn at the market by Jane SpeleersThe lobby at the hotel near the Pike place is a contemporary mid century modern styled sitting area featuring many beautiful pieces of artThere are many amazing places in downtown Seattle to be used as venues, but not all of them have such an amazing view of the water like the Inn at the Market doesan ivory wedding gown and salmon peach rosas await the bride to wear them on the balcony of their hotel room at the Inn at the market
a modern bedroom in cream, grey and yellow tonesa quick reunion of the bride with her mom and a friendBride and mother of the groomfuture mother in law is visiting the bride in her suite and brought a giftmother of the bride and mother of the groom meet before the event starts

It was truly special to see the bride's relationship with her friends and family
Hanging out at the warm room before the ceremonyA special guest is hanging out with the other ladies

After getting their hair curled, the girls were excited about getting ready for the ceremony outside

The girls became very good friends and had a great timea beautiful flower girl, this girl is so natural and smart! impressiveLipstick is not the easiest chore for younger girls, they know it but they will keep trying until they get itThis is how the flower girls were getting their hair done by the mother of the bride

the salmon roses bouquet is sittingon the counter across the hall from the bathroom

lite up counter top gives it a lounge effect
surprise gift is waiting on the entrance hallrings at the Inn at the marketHiding from the son, the groomsman's mom came to visit the bridal party
Visiting the bridal suite

Best man is ready to change for the ceremony
best man's mom preparing the groom to see the brideHis hairdo takes some skillThe flower gilrs were visiting the groom and making sure that everything is working out like plannedthe two girls are chatting with Terri about what is going to happen in the eveningWhile in the groom's suite the mother of the groomsman is doing Terri's hairthe groom's hair is ready for the ceremony but not it's time to learn to fix his bow tight
this beautiful compostable yellow wax customized rings box holded the wedding bands
the ram and the lady bugcute ring holder ideas

bridal bedroom was decorated with different types of flowers with spontaneous and natural designs
the bride had gifts awaiting for the flower girlschampagne bridal gown with lace

a large mirror in the room is always a great ideabridal red lipstick

Bride and her mom in a casual setting, natural lighting and easy smilesopen back gown with natural flowa casual indoor made of honor and bride photowhat is in the bagWhen she first received the gift bag she had no idea of what was insite

An amazing gift was unrapped and tears runThanking her friend, an sculpture artist who made custom designed metal wedding toast glasses

tighting the back of the wedding dress while the bride excited still enjoys her special gift

Another special gift from a thoughtful made of honorpink stone ring ideas

The girls are checking on final details

She just got her peach heels onan amazing sunny day made of their wedding a memorable one specially since it was hosted in SeattleSeattle wheel by Jane Speleers photographyView of Seattle from the Inn at the market


groom and best man await for the bride

flower girls coming out of the suite

bride and her brothers ceremony
bride and her brothers 2two brothers walking the bride
Wedding ceremony with mount rainier, puget sound and the wheel in Seattle D+T
wedding by the water in Seattle 2T+D ceremony 2

T+D guest 1

T+D guest 2guest at D+T

cermony vintage by the water D+T

Maid of honor talking during the ceremony
bride laughing with maid of honor during ceremonymother of the bride talking during the ceremonymother of the groom talking during the ceremonyT+D ceremony 5

T+D ceremony 4D+T ceremony 1
first kiss 2 D+T
lady bug + ram love

Minister congratulates bride and groom

Darci and the flower girls with glare




wedding rings by the waterpink gem wedding bandwedding rings by the water in SeattleBridal bouquet D+TPost Alley wedding D+TD+T decor DSC_2500D+T DSC_2273DSC_0220 copy

wedding cake artist D+T
pink and yellow wedding cake modern simple D+Twedding cake and cupcakes by Jane Speleers PhotographyCup cakes by Jane Speleers D+T

DSC_0220 copy2

yellow frosting  cake by Jane Speleers photography Seattle at D+T's wedding
DSC_0222Seattle dj by Jane Speleers D+T

Beechers at the Post alley by Jane Speleers D+T
D+T decor DSC_0254D+T decor DSC_0378D+T decor DSC_0245pike place sign D+TWelcoming bells at Post Alley
D+T arrival to beechers at Post Alley

surprised at post alley D+T

cocktail with pomegranate D+T's wedding by Jane Speleers
D+T bride taling to a guest at post Alley venue
D+T bride hanging out with mother in law
Thanking the artist for the beautiful cake D+TD+T guests at reception
center pieces rustic decor DandTD+T decor DSC_0385T+D food 7DSC_0243
T+D food 6DSC_0237T+D food 8DSC_0246
T+D food 10DSC_0261
T+D food 11DSC_0262T+D food 5DSC_0241T+D food 4DSC_2487 copyT+D food 4DSC_0239T+D food 2_BMP3991T+D food 1_BMP3989pomegranate and mint D+Tvariety drinks D+Twedding drinks ideas D+T

D+T lounge DSC_2511
D+T vintage photos DSC_03782_BMP3984D+TDSC_2268D+T toast DSC_0508D+T toast DSC_0514D+T toast DSC_0543D+T toast DSC_0544D+T toast DSC_0546D+T toast DSC_0551D+T toast DSC_0553
D+T toast DSC_0557
D+T toast DSC_0559D+T toast DSC_0562

D+T toast DSC_0572
D+T toast DSC_0579D+T toast DSC_0582D+T toast DSC_0583
D+T toast DSC_0590

D+T toast DSC_0614
D+T toast DSC_0610
D+T toast DSC_0607

D+T toast DSC_0602
D+T toast DSC_0601D+T toast DSC_0600D+T toast DSC_0596D+T toast DSC_0564D+T toast DSC_0556D+T decor DSC_0382D+T family 7D+T family 6
D+TD+T family 5D+T family 4D+T family 3D+T family 9D+T 9D+T10D+T 11D+T family 2D+T 12D+T 13D+T 15D+T 16

D+T decor DSC_24872

D+T decor DSC_0623
D+T decor DSC_0621dessert D+T
BWT+DDSC_0713BWT+DDSC_0712_BMP4085getting dark _BMP4081

beechers at night_BMP4127

pike place at night _BMP4132memories D+T _BMP4092

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