I encourage my customers to choose Dropbox when purchasing digital images. Did you know that DVDs & CDs require a special recycling process at a CD recycling center? More info at: cd recycling center video . By choosing online data transfer services you also avoid packaging, paper, labels & postal service. We provide with e-agreements, these prevent us from using envelopes, postal service & paper.

If you’re looking for Environmentally friendly photography printing services:

Fine Print Imaging

PLEASE: Don’t Disturb the Animals during your session! 99% of my outdoor sessions are performed at Public parks in King County, where you’ll be surrounded by many different types of birds and other wild life during your sessions. While I’m not an extremist animal rights person I do think that they need to be respected and interfered with as little as possible when enjoying the outdoors. I’ve seen many kids and sometimes even parents chasing after the ducks in Gene Coulon park. Please don’t disturb them! And also, please don’t feed them. By feeding these birds you’re altering Lake Washington’s environment.

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