I do SODO 2016 / KERLOO Cellars

We were lucky enough to witness I Do Sodo finally be born. Seattle’s newest Wedding show featuring 7 unique locations, and each one of them had an outstanding team of Wedding professionals giving couples, their friends and families an opportunity to experience stylized venues designed by top wedding planners. On Sunday, February 21, 2016, the tour ran through the historic Sodo neighborhood and more than 300 people experienced what happens when industrial is chic and elegance has an edge.

Our team was hosted by Kerloo Cellars and this is our photo-story..

Styled, Planned and Coordinated by: MG Davis Events  Seattle Wedding Planner and Event Coordinator / Venue:  Kerloo Cellars  / Event: I Do Sodo / Photography: Jane Speleers Photography / Floral design: Herban Bloom / Specialty Decor: Vintage Ambiance / Bridal Salon: MeaMarie Bridal Atelier / Catering: Cameron Catering / Hair and Make up: The Outer Edge / Draping: Prop Gallery Events / Stationery: Impress Ink / Musician: Bootleg Sunshine / Dessert truck: Street Treats / Rentals: CORT Party Rental / Photobooth: Photogenica / Models: Nicole Luce, Tomoko Saito, Charnie Rose Dondrea /

1 Kerloo Cellars bottle Malbec By Jane Speleers photography. All Rights reservedKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7994.jpgWedding decor with drapes and bamboo chairs exhibition of two gowns in the middle of the room .jpgKerloo Cellars wine tasting at I DO SODO Seattle bar and ownerKerl22116idosodoMGDAVIS2BD_5212.jpgWedding Planner table at I do SODO show Melody Davis location Kerloo CellarsKerloo SODO set up for Wedding at I DO SODO event 2016 mirror top table and barrels for base with wood and metal legs stools .jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7521.jpgGold wedding Beer Pong designed by MG DAVIS events for I DO SODO Seattle at Kerloo CellarsBeer Pong close up details designed by Melody Davis and MG Davis events Seattle copyWedding seats Party animal gold design with silver and flowers by MG Davis EventsIDOSODOATKERLOO2016DSC_7748.jpgRustic vintage edgy wedding invites made with wood and metalic edge styled by MG Davis events SeattleWedding gold and silver jenga with Marriage advice game styled by MG Davis Events at Kerloo Cellars SeattleJenga Wedding at Kerloo Cellars SeattleJenga at Kerloo I DO SODO eventDSC_7567.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7569.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7563 2.jpgDSC_7566.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7493.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7512.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7491.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVIS2BD_5099.jpg2BD_5217 copy.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVIS2BD_5183Model at I DO SODODSC_7985 copy.jpgBride with fl.jpgDSC_8276.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVIS2BD_5053.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVIS2BD_5038.jpgDSC_7778 copy2.jpgMake up artistLen Lagers with The outer edge make up and hair styleNow he is smiling at the camera while still playing music for all the people at the eventsmile and guitar is all what this photo has at Wedding show in Seattle I DO SODOKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7812 2Kerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_8126 copy2.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_7846.jpgphoto booth by Jane Speleers photography 2BD_5222Kerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_8241.jpgKerl22116idosodoMGDAVISDSC_8252.jpgDSC_8258.jpgDSC_8235.jpgShuttle driver for Wedding event in SeattleBlack Shuttle for wedding show

Nala + Richard { River House wedding }

Inspired by the romance of Sicily, with rich colors & exotic floral arrangements, greenery and the rustic wood architecture of The River House in Index, Wa.  We can’t imagine a wedding that is more reminiscent of the rustic romance of Italy. Nala and Richard, had the most beautiful and meaningful day, surrounded by friends and close family

M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_3938M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_3955M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_3945M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_3991M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_3963CABIN2M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_3904M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_3909M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_4018M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_4083M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_3929M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_3926M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4002M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_40272M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_40362M&R River House Italian WeddingDSC_40332M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_41402M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_41632M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4175M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4187M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_42113M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4218M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4239M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4233M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4015M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_45171M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4340M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4364M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4793M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4792M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4434M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4435M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4464M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015 DSC_4392M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4411M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4806M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4549M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4558M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4557M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4640M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4812M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4357 flowers fall colorsM&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4866M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4874M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4875M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4877M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4869M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4881SMALL M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_44352M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_45572M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4563M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015Tarantela 2 DSC_4637M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4639M&R River House Italian Wedding 2015DSC_4565


“These are INCREDIBLE!!!  I can’t believe this was my wedding.  I am so thankful we got connected with you.  Love the style/natural lighting.  Thank you for capturing so many joyous moments!  I LOOKS like our wedding was as fun and beautiful as I remember it to be.”

– Nala


Rebecca + Evan { DeLille Cellars Wedding }


Every now and then a wedding comes along that leaves us in awe of the abundant natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. From the mountains to the oceans and the vineyards, we’re not sure there’s a more romantic location to say “I do”, especially in the summer. Rebecca and Evan chose to go with the last of these options and the result is an easy, breezy, elegant celebration among the vines. Alongside Manette Gracie Weddings & Events they dreamed up a timeless vineyard-themed affair and every lovely detail was documented by the lens of Jane Speleers Photography.

-Seattle Bride Magazine


“Rebecca and Evan’s late summer celebration infused DeLille’s vineyard elegance, with a relaxed meal and festive celebration for guests. The couple celebrated everything Northwest, with local wines, a Seattle inspired meal, and a collection of desserts from local bakeries.”

-Manette Gracie Weddings & Events
Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2300Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2415Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2422Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_24212Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2399Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2407Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2353Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2355Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2357Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2372Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2439Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2375Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2489Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2473Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2531Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2555Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2578Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2580Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2590Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2595Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2599Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2610Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2314Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2315Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2321Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2711Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2708Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2706Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2694Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2802Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2696Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2785Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2894Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2889Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2892Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2895Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2896Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2901Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2749Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2781Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2906Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2938Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2819Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2918Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2950Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2958Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2344Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3013Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3009Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3006Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3017Delille R+E 2015 c3vDSC_3078Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2911Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2909Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3002Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2994Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3217Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3225Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3030Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3033Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2574Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2860Delille R+E 2015 DSC_2900Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2566Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2876Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2877Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2875Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2866Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2822Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2829Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2837Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2834Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2814Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_2842Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3430Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3455Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3451Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3141Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3143Delille R+E 2015 c3DSC_3160Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3065Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3066Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3071Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3103Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3217Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3263Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3273Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3300Delille R+E 2015 c2DSC_3411Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3323Delille R+E 2015 DSC_3510