Golden gardens, Seattle

E+K.7.19.14  DSC_0990

E+K.7.19.14  DSC_0827

E+K.7.19.14  DSC_0771

E+K.7.19.14 DSC_1589

E+K.7.19.14 DSC_1157

E+K.7.19.14 DSC_1149

E+K.7.19.14 DSC_1186

first kiss copy


Beecher’s loft

D+T DSC_2273

D+T lounge DSC_2511

D+T decor DSC_2500

T+D food 9DSC_0253

T+D food 8DSC_0246

Seattle dj by Jane Speleers D+T

D+T arrival to beechers at Post Alley

pike place sign D+T

Beechers at the Post alley by Jane Speleers D+T

beechers at night_BMP4127



Inn at The Market

This is the image you see when you are about to enter the hotel, the Inn at the Market is really a beautiful hotel and a very nice option for brides that want to have a moder and sober venue for photos of the before

For lodging or for wedding venue the Inn at the market makes an amazing location for the most moder and contemporary photos

The lobby at the hotel near the Pike place is a contemporary mid century modern styled sitting area featuring many beautiful pieces of art

a modern bedroom in cream, grey and yellow tones

There are many amazing places in downtown Seattle to be used as venues, but not all of them have such an amazing view of the water like the Inn at the Market does

The girls became very good friends and had a great time

bridal red lipstick

2 view from above the pike place market in Seattle

first kiss 2 D+T

Bridal bouquet D+T

groom's suite

Planters at the Inn at the market by Jane Speleers



Wallace Falls lodge









Inside back room of Wallace falls lodge in Goldbar_BMP2492

A+J wedding at wallace falls lodge outdoorDSC_8523

A+Jrings on the grassDSC_8770


J+A bride, groom, made of honor and best manDSC_7848

Wallace falls wedding J+ADSC_8636

Wallace falls lodge at night _BMP3087

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